The glowing testimonials we receive are due to the professional service we give to each customer and also to the calibre of assessment system we use.


I highly recommend the HA as a selection, retention and coaching tool of talent. The findings you receive are incredibly accurate and insightful. Talent is the most expensive and difficult resource to find and manage, so you need to get it right. This tool provides HR practitioners the confidence to understand and work with their talent, rather than relying on their gut instincts to navigate through that maze.

Priscilla Young
Human Resources Officer, Mortgage Choice


We have used the Harrison Assessment with June extensively at Peoplecare for a number of years and it has been extremely successful. It will add significant value for you.

Michael Bassingthwaighte
CEO, Peoplecare


We recently advertised for a new employee to join our ever increasing team and received over 200 applications! The enormous task of selecting one employee from such a vast number was quite daunting, but thanks to June Kitto from CareerFit and the Harrison Assessments, this process suddenly seemed less overwhelming. June guided us through the testing process and was invaluable in assisting us with the interpretation of the results. I would strongly recommend this interview process to any business serious about employing the right person for the job!

Jacqui Seymour
Human Resource Manager, Greencross Veterinarians


I had another conversation with my client this week about 2 staff - she's loving HA! And thanks to your wonderful training has a great grasp on it.

Susan Rochester
Director/HA Distributor, Balance at Work


What attracted us to HA was the ability to customise our own job templates. We told June what we wanted in a good performer, and the behaviours we wanted to avoid, so she could design templates that measured the performance standards important to us. We’ve been using HA for over 3 years now and have confidence in the way that it predicts performance, particularly the impact that key traits will have on a person’s success in the role. HA is now an integral part of our selection process.

Frances Bourke
Training Coordinator, Leichhardt Council

Just a short note to say thank you, both for the training session last week and our certificates which arrived in the mail yesterday.  We found the training very useful and appreciated the individual attention, not to mention your impartial advice to some of the challenges we are facing at present. There is lots of excitement from the business about putting HA into practice!

Ben Robinson
Head of People & Purpose, Choice

And 6 weeks later...HA is certainly making a difference at CHOICE!  Its great way of our function continuing to add value and allowing our managers to have further resources they can call upon.

Jessica Hill
Human Resources Advisor, Choice

It is surprising how accurate the JSA is. I think we were all skeptical at the beginning, but as we saw low traits being manifested in the interviews, we have been gradual converts!

Senior Scientist
Research Institue, University of Adelaide


We’ve got a lot of confidence in Harrison Assessments. We put our faith in that tool because we’ve had so much success with it.

Anita Mulrooney
General Manager Marketing & Communications, Peoplecare


We did a team and individual paradox graph training today for my entire team. Then we had a 3 hour brainstorming and planning session. We went through all 12 team graphs and discussed where we are missing the mark and how to improve the team, along with creating a team action plan. They all LOVED the HA and wanted more.

Dr Russ Rainey
Dr Rainey Dental Practice


I have been travelling this week so have had time to study my results; they are the most accurate I have ever received from a profile.

Barbara Harrison
Director, Coral Sea Consulting


She was also truly amazed at the power of HA - she came in skeptical and somewhat defensive. But she opened up and we discussed some quite deep things. It really was amazing.

Ganga Harvey
Principal Consultant, Indra Process & Performance Consulting


I really enjoyed our training day. I am very keen to get cracking and start promoting our new add on. You were very good. It was really interesting and very valuable. Thank you.

Margo McLay
Director, Executive People


For the past five years, June has been both my Master Distributor (HA) and professional coach in Career Mentoring and Life Coaching using Harrison Assessments. I have found her knowledge and her insights for development of leadership potential, using Harrison Assessments, both inspirational and professionally valuable as a resource for my mentoring and coaching.

Dr Sue Curtis
Director, Ortran