Performance Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking

Ever dream of cloning your top performers, well now you can.

HATS contains over 6,000 ready-to-use job templates making it easy for clients to screen applicants when recruiting, and to coach employees to develop individual and team performance.

How HATS differs from other assessment products however is that it is an ASSESSMENT SYSTEM. This means clients have access to assessment building tools to customised, or build from scratch, their own job assessments.

With 156 work-related traits and the HATS Job Wizard capabilities, clients can now define, quantify, and measure the behaviours and attitudes important for success for every job in THEIR COMPANY. We call these job assessments, Job Success Formulas (JSF), and clients learn how to customise JSFs in the 2 day accreditation programs.

In addition to standard JSF customisation CareerFit also provides a service called Performance Benchmarking. This is where we help clients identify the traits that differentiate high performers from low performers in a specific job.

How we do this is by asking a sample of employees to complete the HATS questionnaire ensuring we have a cross section of high, moderate and low performers. To ensure we are comparing 'apples with apples' the actual performance of each employee is rated by the manager using the same objective and quantifiable measures. The sample of employees is then analysed to identify the traits consistently evident in high performers and lacking in low performers. We also identify the traits consistently high in low performers that are not evident in high performers.

A Job Success Formula is then built that incorporates this objective, performance-specific traits and weightings. The result is a JSF that defines high performance in that job for that company. It is an objective, quantified and measurable formula that can be used to benchmark all future selection decisions and development activities.

And clients can review these benchmarks over time to continually monitor and adjust performance standards to stay abreast of changing market and competitor conditions.

Performance Benchmarking is ideal for:

  • positions that have the greatest impact on a company’s bottom line, and
  • for positions where current selection practices are not producing the performance standards required

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