How we work

How we work

CareerFit offers flexibility in our service to give all clients access to the exceptional accuracy of the HATS system. A leader in its field, HATS is the most advanced and in-depth assessment system on the market.

With so many applications and reports, as well as full assessment building capabilities, clients appreciate our free help-desk support that has them confidently administering their own HATS system in no time.


CareerFit also provides support with assessment tasks our clients prefer to outsource:

  • high volume application screening
  • screening applicants for multiple jobs at one time, and
  • performance benchmarking against current employee performance

Our team of consultants can also provide coaching services using the HATS reports for:

  • leadership coaching
  • performance coaching
  • career coaching
  • team building workshops, and
  • in-company programs using HATS reports

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and advice we provide our clients, the personal and long-term relationships we build, and the integrity and confidentiality our reputation is built on.

We exist to provide performance solutions to organisations that turn the concept of ‘talent management’ into a reality for our clients.