HATS Outsourced

HATS Outsourced

Benefit from the fast, accurate, and cost-effective screening features of HATS when you need it most

CareerFit can provide the following assessment services using the HATS system and reports to both accredited and non-accredited clients:

High Volume Screening

Manually handling hundreds of applications for a job vacancy can be an administrative nightmare. It is time consuming and drains HR resources. To outsource to a recruiter is costly. And how many good candidates are overlooked because of rushed resume reading or poor resume writing.

CareerFit has a solution. We can build an assessment that will screen every applicant against the requirements and standards you expect. We can give you a score of how well each candidate fits your expectations. We can pre-screen the best applicants against your behavioural and attitude standards, and send you resumes and cover letters of the top contenders for consideration. We can send you interview reports that focus the discussion around your performance standards and how well the candidate meets those expectations.

Within 48 business hours of a vacancy closing we can present you with the cream of the applicants. Fast, objective, job specific and accurate. Long, protracted screening processes are a thing of the past. Imagine a screening service that knows exactly what you want in a candidate and hands you the pick of the crop within days of closing a campaign.

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Multiple Job Screening

A common selection situation for large organisations is the need to recruit for multiple jobs from the one pool of applicants. What if we could do that for you using only one application process, and yet still give you a score indicating how well each applicant matches each job?

As with high volume screening we’ll customise an assessment for each job according to YOUR performance standards, pre-screen for behavioural and attitude fit, present you with resumes and cover letters of the best applicants for each job, and give you interview reports to help you make the final decisions. All from the one assessment questionnaire.

CareerFit are experts in using the exceptional technology of HATS. Fast, objective, job specific and accurate. We’ll present the top candidates for each job within days of closing a campaign. Let us take the tedious out of applicant screening for you.

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Coaching Consultants

CareerFit are proud to work with a team of highly experienced and qualified coaches and business consultants. They are all experts in their own areas of specialisation including HR Management, Executive Coaching, Career and Life Coaching, Therapy and Counselling, and Business Systems and Management.

Our team are all accredited in HATS and skilled at incorporating HATS reports into many of their consulting services to the corporate sector and individuals.

If you are seeking consultants for in-company training, coaching, or performance enhancement strategies our team of consultants welcome your enquiries.

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