HATS Administration

HATS Administration

Gain all the benefits of the HATS system without the administration responsibility

Used by leading corporate brands and consultancies worldwide, you too can gain the competitive advantage of using HATS in your organisation.

But if you’re running a busy HR department and haven’t the time to administer the HATS system, CareerFit can manage this for you. Gain the same benefits from HATS’ predictive accuracy and customised assessments without any down-time to master another online resource.

Once HATS accreditation training is complete CareerFit will meet with you to discuss how you want to integrate HATS reports into your HR practices. We will establish a delivery process and turnaround time that suits your needs, and will deliver as promised.

We love supporting our clients with such an exceptional assessment product, but we love pleasing you with our exceptional service even more.

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