Reduce resume handling by 80%. Improve staff retention by 50%. 95% predictive accuracy in employer case studies.

Reduce resume handling by 80%. Improve staff retention by 50%. 95% predictive accuracy in employer case studies.

Aligning skills, behaviours and attitudes against company needs is critical for driving performance, and achieving competitive advantage.

Now you can confidently identify the people who will not only succeed in their role, but also be the perfect fit to advance their career with your company – by using the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) system.

HATS is the employment profiling system of choice by HR professionals to reduce turnover and increase productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace.

More than a psychometric tool, HATS is a complete assessment system. Its predictive accuracy and customising capability make it a powerful talent management resource for all employers.

Save time, money and resources

No other assessment tool can quantify measure and communicate successful performance throughout the entire employment lifecycle as well as HATS.

With 95% predictive accuracy and a reduction in resume handling by 80% it’s no wonder HATS is the leading assessment tool worldwide.

HATS can be accessed on-line, anytime, and integrates easily with other assessment tools as well as HRM and ATS systems.

Getting started

CareerFit can provide you with accreditation training in your own HATS system and then:

  • Provide ongoing support on how to get the best out of the HATS system based on your company’s assessment and performance needs; or
  • Outsource the HATS system administration to us and we will provide the reports to you, customised to your own performance standards.

Benefits of HATS

  • integrates eligibility and suitability for a more accurate prediction of performance
  • provides insight into job-based behaviours and attitudes, not just personality traits
  • is applicable to all jobs across every industry
  • is suitable for recruitment, performance development, and career planning
  • builds assessments to match your organisation’s own competency framework / performance benchmarks
  • provides access to 20 fully interpreted reports in the one assessment system
  • includes an applicant tracking system and automated applicant screening